Hello, my name is William Pickup

I live on Sydneys' Northern Beaches, where I enjoy and running, swimming, and slowly making things in my workshop.

What am I doing now?

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Recent Posts

Krinklewood biodynamic wine

The Krinklewood vineyard was recently given a positive review in the local media so I thought I would give it a try. We would have gotten around to it anyway...

Slow food university

When Slowlane joined Slow Food recently they sent a booklet outlining their various initiatives, The Slow Food Companion. Two ventures that sounded particula...

Managing information overload

Saw this great cartoon over at Devon-Technologies which I have been visiting lately as I start to tackle my own information overload.

Organic wine

Here in Australia we have a vibrant wine industry including an increasing number of vineyards producing organic and/or biodynamic wine. We are especially kee...