Hello, my name is William Pickup

I live on Sydneys' Northern Beaches, where I enjoy and running, swimming, and slowly making things in my workshop.

What am I doing now?

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Recent Posts

Off the map

I noticed this post recommending the movie “Off The Map” recently. We watched it last night and really enjoyed it. We have been talking about it on and of...

Sopa what can make a difference

Macdrifter is a straight shooter, in this post “Man Up” he calls for direct action against SOPA. I like the style and support the cause

Read one book per week

I will have to adopt an approach like Joshua Beck at Becoming Minimalist) if I am to reduce my reading backlog. Not to mention keeping up to date with exciti...

Crisis of faith in the financial system

Thought provoking post by Adam Richardson at Harvard Business Review on the levels of abstraction implicit in the financial system and the trust that is requ...