Drowning in books to read

I love books, i enjoy being given them at this time of the year and I enjoy buying them at any time. Unfortunately I sometimes fall behind with reading them.

The to read pile has grown to the point where I decided I needed to create a list to keep track of them - Omnifocus to the rescue. Listing them like this should discourage me from acquiring any more until I have reduced this backlog.

The Tufte and Alexander books were acquired as sets and are works I have been keen to have in my library for years. Christopher Alexanders’ A Pattern Language is one of my favourite books. I’ll take my time with these and expect to revisit them often.

Dark Mountain and eaarth share themes of coming to terms with a changed world and looking to the future.

The Adventures of Jack De Crow will appeal to anyone who has sailed dinghy’s especially Mirror’s. We built on of these in our garage during the 70’s.

And a smattering of IT books the most interesting of which is hopefully the Design of Design by Fred Brooks of Mythical Man Month fame. Still a relevant book although not everyone thinks so.

Now all I need to do is polish up my speed reading skills…and then there are the numerous magazines…