Finding significance in a world of distraction

Really good material here from Becoming Minimalist.

Finding Significance in a World of Distraction

For example, the distraction of a lucrative and powerful career has the opportunity to distract us from using our talents to benefit our immediate community. The distraction of maintaining a large and perfect home may pull us from caring for the people living in it. The urge to check up on our Facebook friends steals more of our time than the friends right in front of us. And the opportunity to spend money on newer and trendier possessions may divert us from using it to accomplish a greater good in this world. In each case, the distraction keeps us from accomplishing a greater significance with our lives.

After calling out the challenge, a number of tools are offered including being mindful of the “culture we are swimming in”, the importance of finding stillness through pausing and reflecting, seeking inspiration from role models and living with fewer possessions. A timely reminder as I was getting a bit caught up in the importance of getting an iPad 3! (Via Becoming Minimalist)